Chosing the right path

Have you ever faced a situation where you try to tell your friend or any known person that the way he is trying to do a thing is not right or that there is a better way to do that thing and just faced disappointment because he failed to understand your viewpoint??

Well….i think most of us have faced the same situation one or more times. Have you ever thought why it happens?

Well…as someone said,”you can show someone a path only when he doesn’t know one or he knows one but is willing to see another one”.

This line fits perfectly in our situation. When we try to tell someone, he already knows a path and he is accustomed to it and doesn’t want to change the path because he believes it is the right one.

Suppose when you were a kid, your mom would tell you that 2+2= 5. Now, even if god himself comes and tells you that 2+2=4 and not 5. You would not believe him because you know an answer which is different from that of god and you truly believe in that answer because your mom told you the answer.

This is the same situation with people who don’t understand a different point of view. We should teach our children and also try ourselves to be open to every point of view because it may open new opportunities and new doors of success for you.


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