World and the Boundaries

The world is very big. It is full of new and exciting adventures. Our life, the world in which we lives in which constitute of our family , friends, companions, society is very small as compared to the real world.

Suppose someone is convited of an offence for a prison time of 50 years in his teenage. Now, he spends his next 50 years of his life behind the prison walls. Now, all he knows is those walls, the world outside it scares him and he will be sad to go out and even may not be able to live outside. Because when he first came in, he hated the prison and the place but as the time passed, he became accustomed to it that it became his life.

Same is the thing with humans. When we are kid, we get bored very easily and we want to try new things every once in a while, we want to explore new things, travel the world. But as we grow up and become used to our surrounding, that fire in our belly tends to dimnish and we accept that our world is limited to what we live in…..This is the reason why dreams of most of the people just die with them or mostly die within them even when they are still alive.

We should hold on to our dreams even if they scares us because they are our dreams and we have to fulfil them, no matter what. So don’t be afraid, follow your dreams, get up and conquer the world.


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