Imagination= Intelligence

The Great Albert Einstein once said,” The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”.

That is 100% true because what we can imagine is directly proportional to what we can achieve. The plane was designed by someone who could imagine something that could fly. A person who can not even imagine that a thing can be built which can carry people and fly in the air can never built it. So the imagination is very important.

I agree that knowledge is also very important but if we think deeply, we will find that knowledge is nothing but understanding someone else’s imagination and something which he has brought into reality.

For example: Imagining the plane and actually creating it is imagination and intelligence and now studying about the plane, which we call education and knowledge, we are only reading something which someone else imagined a long time ago. Now, if we do some major changes or updates in that thing, that to happens because we could use our imagination and imagine some beneficial changes in that.

Thus, Real Intelligence is Imagination and not Knowledge.

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