Infinity stones of power- 1

There he was, sitting on a wall of a school, watching the boys playing cricket in the ground. He was also playing with them a little while ago until he got angry over a little issue and hit a player with his bat.

He had this problem, anger, a lot of anger. He would get so much angry over the tiniest of issues that he would either hurt someone else or would hurt himself. Because of this, he had no friends. Everyone who ever tried to become his friend got hurt either physically or emotionally because of his anger.

His name was Anmol. He lived small village named Ramgarh in Haryana, India along with his father and mother. They were not very rich. They had a small plot of land which they used for farming. Simply speaking, they were fulfilling their daily needs with difficulty. Anmol used to study in a government school. He had just passed class 7. He was a very bright student. He used to love books, they were his only friends who he knew, would never leave him.

Since the time he started understanding the world, he had the same dream in his mind that he will become the greatest man in the world and everyone would be his friend. He would sleep with same dream and wake up with the same dream in his eyes.

Although he had no idea how he would do so but still, he believed that no matter what, he will accomplish his dream.

To be continued…

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