Mistakes = Experience

We have always heard that experience matters everywhere. Whether you go for a job, start a company or even in life, experience matters a lot. Often we have seen someone giving life advice saying that he has a lot of experience and that’s why he knows these situations better than anyone else.

But do you gain experience? How you become experienced in something? Is it just the number of years you spend studying about something? Is a person who is older guaranteed to have more experience than a younger one?

Let me tell you how-


Mistakes are what helps us gain experience. When we make a mistake, we learn new things and this helps us gain experience which further leads to success.

I once asked someone on a very high post-

Me- How did you do this?

He- By making good decisions

Me- How do you make good decisions?

He- From experience

Me- How do you gain experience?

He- By making bad decisions

So don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Your mistakes are just the pearls you are gathering in your backpack you just don’t realise the value of. But these pearls are the ones which will make you rich someday. So keep collecting them😊

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