We are told since we are kids, “Set goals, targets and then work hard to achieve them”. Whether it is academic or sports or business, everyone sets a target and then achieve them or nearly achieve them.

But why is setting target so important? can’t we succeed without setting target? The answer is yes, we can obviously get success but target setting just helps our mind to know what is the maximum we want to achieve and it operates the body accordingly. Okay, those lines maybe complicated.

Let us take an example: when you go to gym, you know a level of every exercise you can do easily. Let us take squats, lets suppose you can do 40 squats comfortably. But you will set you target to 50 squats and when you start, you will do 40 easily, 41 to 47 will be very hard and last 3 would just take as much effort as the previous 47 did. Obviously you will complete 50 squats but you will not be able to do a single more. After doing 50 you will feel totally exhausted and will not be able to do more.

Now, lets analyse the example.

  1. when you can do 40 squats easily, why did you set your target to 50?
  2. Even when you were not in position to do more than 47, how did you complete 50?
  3. why you were not able to do the 51st?

I hope you will find the answers, do share them. Now, you know why is it important to set high targets.

like someone said, Always aim for the moon, if you miss it, don’t worry, you will fall among the stars.

and like Dan Pena said,” You will never achieve a cent more than your target”.

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