Who is more predictable?

I have a question for you all. Who is more predictable? A person who is very smart or a person who is not much smart. My answer is “The Smart Person” is more predictable.Well…i have a situation which will prove my point.

Okay, lets play a game. Chose any card from a deck of cards and i will tell you which card is it. Chose one card before moving forward.

Now you must all be thinking that this dude has really gone out of his mind. But let me tell you, i can predict the card of the smart person.

The less smart person will think of any one of the 52 cards of a deck so there is 1/52th probability of me to be right.

But the person who thinks of himself as the smartest would think out of the box and will not chose anyone of the 52 cards. The card he will chose is ‘The Joker’.

See, how many of you fall into that?😂 Please let me know and share your thoughts as well.😊

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