Which is Better?

All of you know there are two situations in our life, Happiness and sadness. Now, we feel good when happiness comes but feel bad when it goes. In the same way, we feel bad when sadness comes but feel good when it goes. So, we can say that we feel good and bad in both the situations, although in a different way. So now my question is- Which one is Better? Happiness or Sadness?

Let me clear this- No one is better.

Sad person and Happy person

All these are just situations of life. No situation is better and no situation is worse. We just make them better and worse as per our understanding. We should just live and we should respect every situation because every situation teaches us some lesson.

Now, some of you will ask that we enjoy being in state of happiness but not in the state of sadness. So, according to this logic, happiness is better than sadness. The answer is to analyse why are you able to enjoy the state of happiness? How do you know that you are in the state of happiness? Because you have experienced sadness and you know how miserable it is to be in that state. So, the state of sadness acts as a catalyst to help you fully enjoy your state of happiness. If there was no sadness, you would never know what happiness is. We know about one only because we know about the other. Both of these are complimentary to each other.

I also discussed this thing in my previous post Comparison.

Will appreciate your views on the topic


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