The key is to Start

Most people don’t do anything new because they don’t want to be seen at the bottom. Don’t be most people. You just can not jump directly on the top of the ladder from the ground. You have to start from the bottom and this is what most people fail to understand.

You know starting is the key to success. You can think for a whole year about doing something and achieving great success but none of that is going to happen until you START taking actions. Acting for an hour is better than just thinking and doing nothing for 10 hours.

Everyone wants to be great, everyone wants to be the best. But they don’t understand that no one is great or best right from the start. It takes continuous action, hard work, sweat and commitment to give your best every single day. You have to start in order to become great and you have to start every single day to become better than the previous day. This is the only key, if you don’t start, no matter how great your idea is, how solid your planning is, you are never going to get great.


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