Get up….Go on

There are many times in our life when we want to do something, something which we have not done before, something which will force us to push our limits, something which we know is going to take a lot of effort and sacrifice. But, still we gather up the courage and start the task. We start achieving progress and we are very happy with this. We have a hope that we can make it.

But then suddenly, your progress stops, no matter how much you try, you just remain on the same level. You try hard and hard every single day but all in vain, no progress. That’s when you say to yourself, may be i can’t do this. That is the time where we are only one step away from quitting and many quits too. But, whenever we are faced with a situation like this, instead of quitting, we should say:-

You need to believe in yourself. You need to believe that your best is yet to come. You need to believe that your time is coming. You need to say yourself everyday that this is not it, there is still a lot to go. When your progress stops, you shall say to yourself that no matter how bad my time becomes, i will never quit. I am stronger than any situation, better than me previous version, and tomorrow i will be a better version that today. Because remember, you can never become best when you are competing with yourself, you can only become a better version of yourself. The day you think that you are the best version of yourself is the day your progress stops.

So, work hard and become the better version of yourself every single day.

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