Life is not a Race

Life is not a race, rather life is the road. Race means we have to reach the finish line first. But in case of life, finish line means death i.e. end of life.

Although we all are on the track which will ultimately lead us to the end sooner or later, but life is not the finish line, it is that track on which we run.

Everyone’s track is of different length viz 60 years or 90 years etc. On this track, we face many hurdles, meet many people, fall down a hundred of times. The main difference between race track and track of life is that whether we walk or not on the track of life, we will reach the end, no matter what.

So, when we know that sooner or later we will reach the end of our track, our responsibility should be to enjoy every aspect of the track, fross every hurdle, get up every time we fall and continue to move on, meet new people and make our track as beautiful as possible.😊

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