Bee and the Mirror

One day, i was cleaning my room. I saw a bee sitting on the mirror.

The bee was continuously hitting the mirror. It didn’t realise that it was a mirror, it was trying to go right past it. Understanding its situation, i opened the windows of the room hoping that the bee will understand and will be able to go out of the room.

But the bee didn’t get it and continued hitting the mirror and was not able to get out of the room.

I leave the conclusion and relevance of this story to you and invite your views on this situation.


4 thoughts on “Bee and the Mirror

  1. We need to think outside the box. I keep a wide mouthed plastic cup and a stiff piece of cardboard to slide underneath, to rescue confused insects and put them outside. I recently used a broom to guide a wasp out the door. Thanks for the follow!


    1. Yeah….but my point was what can we learn from this scenario.
      Assume that the bee is us and the mirror is our daily life.
      You are very much experienced than me, and i can learn from your insight on this😊


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