Heart and its Holes

Our heart is complete when we are born and till the time we start to understand the world. The whole heart is filled with ourselves. The only thing that our heart cares for is us. As soon as we grow and understand the world, we start losing small pieces of ourselves from our heart and we start giving that place in our heart to someone or something else. Be it our parents, our friends or any other material or immaterial thing.

Now, out heart is a place for many people and many things which controls us and since more things lives their in our heart, our heart suffers more because it feels hurt by anything bad done by any person or thing holding a place in our heart.

When we lose any person or thing which holded a place in our heart, it leaves a hole in that place of the heart which we gave it. Now, instead of filling it again with ourselves, we take the hole in our heart and wanders our in the world and look for someone or something else to which we can give that place.

Till the time we find that thing or person, we continue to carry that hole in our heart and suffer continuously. Even when we give that place to someone else, if the person is able to fill it completely, we are satisfied. But if the person is unable to fill that hole even by a margin, we feel suffering. We don’t try to fill that hole with ourselves because we have accustomed to it so badly that don’t want to change.

We forget that the heart is our belonging and as soon as their is a hole in our heart, instead of seeking anyone else to fill in that hole, we should look for ourselves because it is us who are the righteous owners of the heart and deserve the maximum of it.

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