There are no failures

You may have heard everyone saying that almost 90% of the startups fail or only a few players can make it to international level or only few can make it big in any given area leading to a conclusion that there is a certain level of failure in each and every aspect of life.

But, no one actually fails. Think of a person who has always gotten up after a failure, tried harder to succeed, failed again, tried again and on and on and died like a failure. I am sure you could think of no one like that.

See, no one who actually and continuously tries fails. The business that fails are the ones which fails to get back up again after facing failures. The players who can not make it to international level are the ones who are not committed enough or throw away every opportunity presented to them.

So effectively, there is no failure anywhere if you see. It is in our mind, our will, our persistence and our faith.

Believe in yourself, work insanely hard, don’t let anyone drift you from your goal and you are destined to have success.


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