Matching the Frequency

Nicola Tesla…one of the greatest inventor and known as the father of electricity once said that everything is made up of only two things…. ENERGY and FREQUENCY.

We know that everything is energy…it can not be destroyed or removed. It can just be transformed into one thing or another. The human body is also energy and what needs to drive the energy is Frequency.

We focus so much on energy that we forget about the frequency. If the frequency is not appropriate then the energy can not be upto the level you want it to be.

So if you want to do something extraordinary or something great then you need to match your frequency according to the requirement of that thing. Only then you can hope to achieve what you strive for.

Look , there is no logic in dreaming to become a billionaire and just sitting idle in your bed watching tv or wasting your time. You have to get up and work. You need to exceed your limits, get out of your comfort zone and to match your frequency with that of your goals and dreams.

Once you match your frequency with that of your goal and believe that you can do it without a single doubt in your mind, the whole universe will conspire in helping you do so and you will definitely achieve success.

Thanks….please share your views.

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