Reasons of Human Misery

The human race is the only one which is blessed with two most wonderful things by the supreme power…..

1. The vivid sense of memory

2. The fantastic sense of imagination

We can remember many things about the past we have made a lot of impact in our lives and also we can imagine our future as to how it would be or how it should be. Originally, these things were the most valuable gifts for humans and we were supposed to make the best use of them. It is not that we have not used them, we have used them very well….all the technology, the evolution, discoveries, inventions, and the connection among each other is the wonderful example of use of those two gifts.

But these two things have also become the main source of human misery. Most of the human beings use their memory to remember the things that affected them most and still continue to suffer because of something that happened 10 years ago in their life. We also use our sense of imagination to imagine the bad things that can happen to us and suffer way before they actually happen to us or sometimes they don’t actually happen but we have already suffered so much that we feel that the thing will definitely happen to us.

We are using those two gifts so vastly that we have forgot to live in the present. Most of the times, either we are in the past, crying over the bad things that happened to us or cherishing the old memories or we are in the future thinking about the wrong things that can happen to us or the good moments that can take place in our lives. We are so involved in this that we rarely live in the present and we forget that the key to real happiness is to live in the present and to enjoy every moment of life and let the life take its course.

I read a very beautiful thought somewhere, it said:

Life is a path with infinite experiences and opportunities and we are just traveller. Our job is not to worry about the path but to enjoy all the experiences of life that it gives us along the way.

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