Which is more powerful??

Today, i was attending a class where the teacher asked students,” Which is more powerful and impactful?- Voice or Mind”.

Some students were in favour of mind whereas others were in favour of voice. The debate started and everyone was putting in their views as to why they thought one of the two thing were more powerful and impactful than the others. In the discussion among students, at last everyone agreed that the voice was more powerful but the teacher was not convinced with our thought. She said that the mind was more impactful and she added many points to prove herself right. It was a confusing situation but then everyone agreed with the teacher as she had more experience.

But i think both the mind and voice are equally powerful and impactful in their own aspect. It is like asking someone which is more important in a car? An engine or tyres? Both are equally important, without one, the car won’t start whereas without the other, the car won’t move even if started. So both are complimentary to each other.

In the same way, mind and voice both are impactful, although mind generate thoughts but the thoughts are communicated through voice.

Please share your views too.

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