Expert’s Mind with a Beginner’s Insight

An expert is someone who has a broad and deep competence in terms of knowledgeskill and experience through practice and education in a particular field.

An Expert having deep knowledge about a subject, like social media

A Beginner is one who is new in the field and realises that there are millions of things which he needs to learn about the subject. He is always ready to learn new things and learns and becomes better from his mistakes.

A beginner’s Mind

All the persons who are successful have one characteristic in common, they have an expert’s mind along with Beginner’s insight. That means they are expert in their particular field of work but are still able to think like a beginner. They believe that no matter how much they learn, there are always thousands of new things they don’t know about the subject and that’s why they are always ready to learn new things and most importantly, they do not hesitate from committing mistakes.

We all need to have this kind of attitude towards our passion, profession and career. No matter how much we learn, it is never the end and that’s what motivates the winners to keep learning.

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