Winners Focus on…

“Winning isn’t everything, it is the only thing” said by Vince Lombardi. Winning is an attitude and it takes not only training your body but your mind and soul as well.

Winners focus on the goal and losers focus on the winners.

This is the most important, most easy and most difficult line to understand. If we truly understand the meaning of this line then nothing can stop us from winning. In order to win, our body and mind should cooperate with each other and all attention should be on the goal only and nothing else.

All the great winners you can see in the world have been on the top of the world just because they focus on their goal and not on anyone else. They didn’t felt bad about someone getting in competition with them or getting ahead of them at some point rather, they took it positively to improve their game and come back more strongly. That’s why they have become an icon to the world.

So, focus on your own improvement rather than on your competitor’s.

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