Reading books

Reading a good book 10 times is better than reading 10 books 1 time where you don’t get the message correctly.

In the above picture, both the persons have read many books on topics like Inspiration, Innovation, Experience, Knowledge. But the problem is that they have read those books only once and have failed to understand the true point of the book and that’s why they have not gained as much wisdom as they should have gained.

In the above picture, the person reading the book has been shown as Spider-man just to explain the point since spider is very much clever and wise and reading one good book many times till you get the point completely and you remind what you read can help you imply the same in your life and helps you grow much faster.

2 thoughts on “Reading books

  1. Certainly true! Nietzsche had a good way of saying something similar: “One virtue is more of a virtue than two, because it is more of a knot for one’s destiny to cling to.” Often the problem is not scarcity, but abundance of noise.

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